Solomontown Primary School

Welcome to Solomontown Primary School

Solomontown Primary School is situated in Port Pirie, a large regional centre in South Australia. The school vision and values, developed with the community, emphasise collaboration to prepare students for success at school and in the future. They form the basis of the site learning plan that has literacy, numeracy and science as curriculum priorities. Learning through engagement and supporting students with learning difficulties are other major focus.

Our core business and priority is to maximise individual progression, therefore supporting the wellbeing of students and their families in order to increase opportunities for learning. The school counsellor, Christian Pastoral Support Worker, Aboriginal Community Education Officer and learning difficulties manager work with leadership and staff to develop individual programs to meet the needs of students.

The modern, well-maintained facilities and excellent resources support the extensive range of programs offered. This was recognised when in 2008 the school won a national award for school improvement in the area of wellbeing.